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Quebec Registration Requirements

Québec Enterprise Number (NEQ)

The Québec enterprise number (or “NEQ,” for “numéro d’entreprise du Québec”) is a number assigned to businesses registered in the enterprise register. Businesses can use this unique numeric identifier when dealing with Québec government agencies and business partners. The NEQ is one of the measures put forward by the Québec government to simplify regulatory procedures for businesses.

How to obtain a Québec enterprise number (NEQ)

A business obtains a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) when it registers with the enterprise registrar.

Who can obtain a Québec enterprise number (NEQ)?

Any business that is registered in the enterprise register obtains a Québec enterprise number (NEQ). The business’s number, as well as information about the business, is then made available on the enterprise register’s site free of charge.

What is the Québec enterprise number (NEQ) for?

The Québec enterprise number (NEQ) is a numeric identifier intended to simplify and streamline dealings between businesses and Québec government departments and agencies (for example, when businesses want to register for government programs and services).

Quebec: Owners and operators of heavy vehicles

The Act respecting owners, operators and drivers of heavy vehicles has the purpose of increasing the safety of road users on roads open to public vehicular traffic and preserving the integrity of those roads.

The Commission des transports is responsible for registration of the subject persons in the Register of owners and operators of heavy vehicles. It is also responsible for evaluating the record of persons whose conduct presents a risk and imposing conditions on them, as needed, to correct the deficiencies observed. In the most serious cases, it may prohibit such persons from operating heavy vehicles or putting them into operation.

Only owners or operators of heavy vehicles registered in Québec and Americans are required to be registered in the Commission’s register. Other carriers must register with their respective administration and their attestation of registration is sufficient to allow them to put a heavy vehicle into operation in Québec, provided that this registration remains valid.

The register is maintained by the Commission; consultation of the safety rating awarded to the registrants is free, as is the obtaining of an attestation of registration in Québec. Information can also be obtained concerning the safety rating and the penalties imposed on the registrant.



These are persons whose name appears on the vehicle’s registration certificate issued in Québec or who hold, in respect of the vehicle, a right within the meaning of section 2 of the Highway Safety Code. In particular, these are persons who lease a road vehicle for a period of not less than one year or who have signed a leasing contract.

Persons who lease their service (owner-operator or subcontractor) or their vehicle (lessor) are owners and not operators unless they personally offer services for the transportation of property or services for the transportation of persons.


These are persons who offer services for the transportation of persons or property or vehicle assistance services or who operate a heavy vehicle for their own purposes or as a tool or equipment, regardless of whether they are owners or use it under a lease agreement, and regardless of whether the lessor provides the services of a driver or not.

Subject persons

Persons who: Exempted persons: The municipalities requesting a service do not have to register in the register because they call for tenders to award contracts (garbage collection, snow pickup, etc.) to private contractors.

Subject vehicles Exempted vehicles


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