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Welcome to PLATEZ

Commercial Trucking Permitting and Licensing Services

Our Services

From first time registrations to annual renewals, fleet additions and deletions, PLATEZ can offer the following services:
  • FMCSA Operating Authority Applications
  • (Motor Carrier/Broker/Freight Forwarder)
  • US DOT Applications
  • US Process Agent Filings (BOC-3)
  • UCR Registrations/Renewals
  • QC Registration Applications
  • ON CVOR Registrations
  • IRP Registration/Renewals/Additions/Deletions
  • IFTA Registration/Renewals/Additions
  • KYU Registration/Additions/Deletions
  • NM WDT Permit Registrations/Additions/Deletions
  • IRS FEIN Registrations
  • HVUT Tax Returns
  • US Customs Decals/Transponders & Registrations
  • NY HUT Certificates/Decals & Renewals
  • US Highway Use Tax Registrations (KY,NM,OR,NY)
  • US Property Tax Returns (AR)
  • SCAC Registrations

Peace of Mind

PLATEZ is a turnkey solution with all of the services that provide our Carrier clients with the freedom, convenience and cost savings they expect from outsourcing.

You gain:
  • Guaranteed, on-time completion of licensing tasks
  • Lowered costs of administration
  • Peace of mind that you are maximizing on all costs saving opportunities
  • Direct access to full-time experts who are concerned with nothing else but protecting and serving your business' interests
You eliminate:
  • Part-time licensing support that may lack the experience or know-how to properly manage critical costs and deadlines
  • Juggling important licensing issues and deadlines with mission critical duties that demand your immediate attention
  • Extra costs in mishandling licensing and permitting processes
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