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DateArticle TitlePublished in
2018, Nov
A trucker's guide to CPP
2018, Oct
When do I charge GST/HST?
2018, Sep
The value of service
2018, Aug
Where's my refund?
2018, Jul
The corporation conversation
2018, Jun
Get it right the first time
2018, May
Let's review - Plan now for the rest of the year
2018, Apr
Nothing new but the tried and true
2018, Mar
Good news! You’re in business
2018, Feb
Movin' On? Do it right
2018, Jan
Are you audit-ready?
2017, Dec
The real tax deadline
2017, Nov
ELD logs are tax documents, too
2017, Oct
Inbox or mailbox?
2017, Sep
Driver services: The gig is up
2017, Aug
Your business needs its own bank account
2017, Jul
It’s not too early to think about your year-end
2017, Jun
Why your chargeback looks Loonie
2017, May
Just the alternative facts
2017, Apr
The installment plan
2017, Mar
Audits? Here's what CRA is looking for
2017, Feb
Tax checkup: The more things change
2017, Jan
CRA's new house rules take effect
2016, Dec
It's incorporation season
2016, Nov
The book-smart owner-operator
2016, Oct
Sometimes, timing is everything
2016, Sep
Easy as GST/HST; except by cheque
2016, Aug
Planning to exit the stage
2016, Jul
Solving an age-old problem
2016, Jun
Three things to include in your tax plan
2016, May
Tax-free bonus? That's bogus
2016, Apr
An RRSP is not a rainy day fund
2016, Mar
Just the ticket: How to manage receipts
2016, Feb
Fire up the Wi-fi (and other tax to-dos)
2016, Jan
Scamming season is here again
2015, Dec
How times have changed
2015, Nov
Not the boss of you
2015, Oct
Talking shop - and taxes
2015, Sep
Where the rubber hits the road
2015, Aug
Service vehicles: Log it or lose it
2015, Jun
The underground economy and trucks
2015, May
What to do with your tax refund
2015, Apr
Tips about meal tax deductions
2015, Mar
March Tax Madness: Survive and advance
2015, Feb
Deducting the costs of business
2015, Jan
Cautionary tales of tax evasion
2014, Dec
Five last minute tax tactics for 2014
2014, Nov
Finance cost must-knows
2014, Oct
Putting the truck in park for good.
2014, Sep
The driver service dilemma
2014, Aug
Phishy e-mail? Don't take the bait
2014, Jul
What's in a name? Everything
2014, Jun
You filed your taxes. Now what?
2014, May
Why it pays to know the net fuel price
2014, Apr
There's more to life than trucking
2014, Feb
Six tax tips to not overlook
2014, Jan
So CRA sent you a letter
2013, Dec
Family gatherings: Rules for hiring relatives
2013, Nov
Bad apple season
2013, Oct
Five steps toward easier tax payments
2013, Sep
Claiming and collecting GST/HST
2013, Aug
Should you take a salary or dividend?
2013, Jul
Incorporation: A tale of two circles
2013, Jun
The Answer Man has a few questions of his own
2013, May
Surprise! It's in the contract
2013, Apr
Paying yourself and the taxman
2013, Mar
Tax tips: Every bit helps
2013, Feb
How to come up roses at tax time
2013, Jan
More flags than in a pennant factory
2012, Dec
How to find tax deductions in your financial documents
2012, Nov
Early CPP and your tax bill
2012, Oct
PDFLearn how to use CRA's online services
2012, Sep
PDFGood value or cheap service?
2012, Aug
PDFThe trappings of tapping into your RRRSP
2012, Jul
PDFStarting a business? Do some sole searching
2012, Jun
PDFThe keys to allocating shares in your company
2012, May
PDFSerious business
2012, Apr
PDFFrom tax prep to tax plan
2012, Mar
PDFTax Rx: Three tips for deducting medical expenses
2012, Feb
PDFFour tips for filing your 2011 income tax return
2012, Jan
PDFTales from tax court
2011, Dec
PDFTo CPP or not to CPP?
2011, Nov
PDFMake strategic use of your CCA
2011, Oct
PDFThree decisions to make when you shop for a truck
2011, Sep
PDFFour things you should know about filing online
2011, Aug
PDFRecording the use of your service vehicle
2011, Jul
PDFDeducting the use of a car, van or pick-up for business
2011, Jun
PDFTwo items for your financial planning agenda
2011, May
PDFStick to the schedule
2011, Apr
PDFThree questions, two answers
2011, Mar
PDFSo, you got a letter from the taxman?
2011, Feb
PDFWill Canada Pension Plan changes affect your retirement plans?
2011, Jan
PDFLessons from a tax cheat
2010, Dec
PDFMeal deduction rates make 2011 a year to incorporate
2010, Nov
PDFThe long arm of WSIB
2010, Oct
PDFIndependent assessment: Don't leave employment status to chance
2010, Sep
PDFProperly recording your GST and HST
2010, Aug
PDFPlan ahead and make adjustments to improve 2010 tax year
2010, Jul
PDFYou never pay tax? I'm sorry to hear about it
2010, Jun
PDFFour takeaways from tax season
2010, May
PDFWhy you should plan ahead for the July 1 HST deadline
2010, Apr
PDFEI Benefits: Six questions self-employed people should ask
2010, Mar
PDFProcessing the process: Tips for filing your income tax return
2010, Feb
PDFIt's 2010, but you can still cut your 09 tax bill
2010, Jan
PDFOpen the mail - and other resolutions for tax payers
2009, Dec
PDFIt's in your interest: Take care, get help when deducting loan expenses
2009, Nov
PDFBaby, you can drive your car (just log the miles)
2009, Oct
PDFHow to ring up a $20,000 tax bill
2009, Sep
PDFKeys to successful IRP, IFTA, MJVT reporting
2009, Aug
PDFBorder-bound? Be ready this month for HVUT, HUT filings
2009, Jul
PDFA blueprint for building your HRTC claim
2009, Jun
PDFStick to the schedule: Paying taxes in installments
2009, May
PDFShould you take early CPP benefits?
2009, Apr
PDFTips for filing your tax return
2009, Mar
PDFDon't Get Hooked by Fraudulent Tax Schemes
2009, Feb
PDFTFSAs: A Shelter For Extra Savings
2009, Jan
PDFThe Trappings of Tapping Into Your RRSP
2008, Dec
PDFThe Bulletproof Tax Return
2008, Dec
PDFCommercial Vehicle Operator's Registration
2008, Nov
PDFAudits, Audits Everywhere
2008, Oct
PDFWait 'Til Next Year?
2008, Sep
PDFIt's Tax Planning Season
2008, Aug
PDFHanging Up The Keys
2008, Jul
PDFDriver services: Employee or independent?
2008, Jun
PDFAn accountant's guide to cutting fuel costs
2008, May
PDFMake sure your tax preparer knows trucking
2008, Apr
PDFThe three best places to look for tax savings
2008, Mar
VideoClaiming 2007 Meals - Tax Talk with Scott Taylor
2008, Mar
PDFTips for Filing your 2007 Tax Return
2008, Feb
PDFSole proprietorships and partnerships
2008, Jan
PDFWho owns your company?
2007, Dec
PDFFirm footing for leap to incorporation
2007, Nov
PDFBusiness travel logs: Don't leave home without one
2007, Oct
PDFDeducting the use of a car, van or pick-up for business
2007, Sep
PDFSlipping through the cracks is not a tax strategy
2007, Aug
PDFBuilding a shop: Talk tax before turning a wrench
2007, Jul
PDFExpecting a tax refund? Not so fast
2007, Jun
PDFPer diem pitfalls: Meal expense strategy has drawbacks
2007, May
PDFQuestions remain about meal tax restoration
2007, May
PDFMeal expenses as a tax strategy for incorporated O/Os
2007, Apr
PDFBuying into the Biz: Acquisition Costs
2007, Apr
PDFMeal Claims: A full menu for owner/operators
2007, Mar
PDFMeals: Play by the Rules
2007, Feb
PDFLunchbag Letdown Campaign
2006, Dec
PDFTime and Money
2006, Oct
PDFWhat's That Gaining On You?
2006, Oct
PDFMeal Claim Increase
OperateSmart Newsletter
2006, Sep
PDFAll Together Now
2006, Aug
PDFRoad Ready
2006, Aug
2006, Aug
PDFPay Day
2006, Jul
PDFPay As You Play
2006, Jun 21
PDFExtras, Extras
2006, Jun 15
MP3The Fuel Tax Factor
2006, May 16
MP3A Better Deal
2006, May 15
PDFPay Day!
2006, Apr 20
PDFMeals on Wheels
2006, Apr 18
MP3Loan Ready
2006, Apr 7
PDFPlaying It Safe
2006, Mar 20
PDFLook Before You Lease
2006, Mar 15
PDFTo El, or not to El?
2006, Feb 15
PDFTax Tips for Truckers
2006, Feb 5
PDFMeals on Wheels
2006, Jan 16
MP3Got a Receipt for that?
2005, Dec 5
PDFTaxing Tricks
2005, Nov 5
PDFHow to be Your Own Taxman
2005, Oct 5
PDFOut of the Shoebox
2005, Apr 5
PDFLease or Buy
2005, Mar 5
PDFRx for Tax Time
2005, Jan 5
PDFPre Tax Checklist
2004, Nov 5
PDFSmart Collateral
2004, Sep 5
PDFInnovative Truck Financing
2004, Sep 5
PDFDepreciation Tax Tips
2004, Apr 19
PDFMapping the Audit Trail
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Fuel Tax

DateArticle TitlePublished in
2004, Oct 5
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Permitting and Licensing

DateArticle TitlePublished in
2016, Feb 5
Court Vacates NY State's Highway Use Certificate and Decal Fees
2010, Jan 20
PDFUCR Enforcement Update
2004, Dec 5
PDFChanges to HVUT
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Hours of Service and Driver Safety

DateArticle TitlePublished in
2007, Sep
PDFIt's the Captain's Log
2007, Aug
PDFHome-style Cooking
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DateArticle TitlePublished in
2005, Nov 1
PDFLeasing: Is it the right choice for you?
2004, Oct 28
PDFHazmat funding cancelled
2004, Oct
PDFHorseshoes & Hand Grenades
Street Smarts
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