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Management Reports

Permitax's IFTA Fuel Tax Summary reports provide an accurate account of all fuel, mileage and taxes allocated to each vehicle. These reports allow for easy and accurate charge-backs to your company's owner-operators and individual vehicles.

Management reports are supplied to you on a monthly or quarterly basis as per your request in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Excel formats (emailed). In addition, you can generate a host of distance and fuel reports online through our eClient web portal.

Permitax provides an extensive portfolio of management reports providing detailed descriptions on all aspects of mileage and fuel information. These reports can also assist your business in other areas where this information may be required, for instance, insurance renewals, licensing (IRP), property/franchise tax filings, fleet/division/unit tax allocations and charge-backs, per unit efficiency (MPG/KPL) monitoring, CVOR/NSC or US DOT mileage updates, safety audits, and more.

Available reports:

PDF Reports

Fleet Reports

  1. Fuel Tax Summary - Fleet – Quarter or Month
  2. Fuel Tax Summary - Division – Quarter or Month
  3. Distance and Fuel Summary – Fleet – Quarter, Month, Year, or any time period
  4. Unit MPG/KPL Grid – Quarter or Month
  5. IRP Mileage Report
Fuel Tax Summary reports can only span a maximum time period of one quarter as the IFTA tax rates change on a quarterly basis.

Distance and Fuel Summary reports can span any time period as they do not contain tax rates.

Unit Reports

  1. Unit Tax Summary – Quarter or Month
  2. Fuel Tax Summary – Unit – Quarter or Month
  3. Chargeback Report – Quarter or Month
  4. Distance and Fuel Summary – Unit – Quarter, Month, Year, or any time period

Excel Reports

  1. Unit Distance Grid
  2. Unit Fuel Grid
  3. Unit MPG/KPL Grid
  4. Unit Tax Summary
  5. YTD MPG Report
  6. Property Tax Report
  7. Fuel Purchase Comparison
Custom reports available

All reports can be generated in either CDN (kms/litres) or US (miles/gallons) formats and are provided to you by email (Adobe PDF & Excel format).

Our suite of reports will assist your organization in making effective management decisions. Because our systems have been developed internally, we have the ability to serve up to you your mileage and fuel data in a host of different formats and we can customize reports to your liking.

Our management reports allow you and your broker/drivers to make more informed decisions on where to purchase fuel. You will be able to quickly identify States/Provinces in which your drivers are over purchasing, and conversely, States/Provinces in which they are not buying enough. Our reports can also assist you in monitoring your fleet productivity by pointing out the fuel efficiency of each vehicle. We have designed our reports specifically with our clients in mind, so they are easy to read and understand.

In the event you have any questions regarding your reported information, we are available to assist you in the meaningful interpretation of your data.
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© TFS Group. All rights reserved.