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IFTA Fuel & Mileage Tax Reporting Services

Permitax's systems are completely flexible. We can tailor an IFTA fuel and mileage tax reporting solution to suit your needs. We can use data and information from any of the following sources:

Distance Data
  • GPS data, dispatch data and/or manual trip sheets
Fuel Data
  • Electronic on-the-road fuel data and yard fuel
  • Manual fuel statements and/or fuel receipts
Toll/Transponder Data
  • Electronic NY Thruway and/or EZ-Pass data
  • Manual toll receipts
  • Use our online eClient website to keep us up-to-date on vehicle transponder allocations
Vehicle Data
  • Use our online eClient website to keep us up-to-date on vehicle information (adds/deletes/changes)

We can work with any combination of the above data to accurately complete your IFTA fuel and mileage tax reporting.

In addition, we have developed extensive analysis tools to review and analyze your data to ensure it is as accurate as possible. Our exceptions reporting system points out potential problem areas and missing data, we then obtain additional data from you to ensure the gaps in information are filled and the issues are corrected before completing your tax returns and management reports.
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