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Oregon Weight-Mile Tax

Who Must Pay Weight-Mile Tax

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) requires motor carriers operating vehicles in commercial operations on public roads within Oregon, and with a gross weight over 26,000 pounds, to report and pay highway-use taxes. ODOT requires that you file reports if you have Oregon DOT plates or Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifiers, even if you do not owe tax. ODOT may suspend your account if you fail to file the required reports. If you will not be operating in Oregon, cancel your Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifiers.

Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier (Receipt)

The tax credential MCTD issues is the Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier, otherwise known as a “Receipt.” This credential is required in addition to registration plates and over-dimensional permits. MCTD prints each vehicle’s lowest and highest tax declared weights on the receipt. The receipt must be carried in the power unit. You are responsible for all vehicles holding credentials under your account, including leased or rented vehicles. You cannot allow someone else to use or assume liability of your account. There is an $8.00 charge for replacing a lost receipt. All carriers need to send written notification to MCTD to discontinue the tax liability and cancel the receipt.