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BC Financial Responsibility

(Sourced from BC Commercial Transport Procedures Manual)

"Financial Responsibility" or "FR" means vehicle insurance that includes third party liability coverage that meets BC minimum liability limits.


The Motor Vehicle Act requires that all out-of-province commercial vehicles operated on BC highways are insured to meet BC insurance requirements. Drivers must carry and produce proof of financial responsibility (FR) to law enforcement upon request. There are two ways for operators of out-of-province commercial vehicles to demonstrate compliance with BC FR requirements:
  • purchase ICBC Basic insurance coverage sold in conjunction with a Non-Resident Commercial Permit
  • obtain an FR filing number from ICBC, by having your insurance company file a Financial Responsibility Certificate with ICBC

Insurance and Financial Responsibility (FR) Filing

It is mandatory for vehicles operating on BC highways to meet BC insurance requirements, which include the following third party limits:
  • commercial vehicles - $1,000,000 third-party liability
  • commercial vehicles engaged in transport of dangerous goods - $2,000,000 third-party * liability
  • taxis - $1,000,000 third-party liability
  • buses - $1,000,000 third-party liability
To meet these requirements, owners or operators of out-of-province vehicles must:
i) purchase ICBC basic insurance coverage (see below), OR
ii) obtain an FR filing number from ICBC (see Financial Responsibility Filing and 1.2.6.D. Financial Responsibility for leased vehicles below)

ICBC Insurance

ICBC basic compulsory insurance coverage may be purchased with a Non-Resident Commercial Vehicle Permit. (See 1.2.5 Non-Resident Commercial Vehicle Permits.)

Financial Responsibility Filing

A Financial Responsibility (FR) filing is a guarantee of insurance coverage, including public liability requirements, that meets BC requirements. The filing is provided on behalf of the carrier by an authorized insurer (insurance company).

The insurance company that has issued a third party liability policy for the motor vehicle in the name of carrier must file a Financial Responsibility Certificate (Form MV23) with ICBC. A $30.00 filing fee must accompany the Certificate.

Only insurance companies authorized to transact automobile insurance in BC or those that have a Power of Attorney and Undertaking filed with the Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators may file a Financial Responsibility Certificate.

Upon the receipt of the completed MV23 and payment of fee, ICBC will provide the carrier with an FR filing number. The number will exempt the company's vehicles from having to purchase insurance coverage with an NRCVP when entering BC. If a NRCVP is being issued without insurance, the FR filing number is recorded on the NRCVP.

The FR filing process can take several days.

Financial Responsibility for Owner-operators

An owner-operator is a person, firm or corporation leasing a commercial motor vehicle with driver to a motor carrier. When operating under a lease agreement with a carrier, an owner-operator may provide the carrier's FR filing number as proof of financial responsibility.

The MV23 Certificate covers all vehicles owned and operated and/or leased and operated in the name of the insured.

When an owner-operator provides the FR filing number of the carrier they are leased on to; they must also provide documentation to verify that the vehicle is leased to the carrier.

The following documents may be accepted:
  • Cab Card identifying the vehicle owner and the carrier
  • State-issued document that identifies the vehicle owner and the carrier; for example, the Oregon Weight Receipt and Tax Identifier
  • Lease Agreement or Statement of Lease between the carrier and the vehicle owner Specific questions about owner-operator verification of lease for FR purposes may be directed to ICBC Prorate Licensing and Financial Responsibility Department.