Since 1974

Operate Smart

Full Service Accounting Solution

As a full service client you will be provided with two Organizational Filing Kits. These kits are used to keep all receipts, statements and accounting data which are important for proper record keeping. We also provide you with a detailed list of the expenses that you should be keeping track of. These kits can be taken on the road with you which makes record keeping convenient and easy.

Every 3 months you send us one kit in a pre-paid traceable XpressPost envelope provided by TFS. All you need to do is fill the kit up with your accounting data, put the kit in one of the pre-paid envelopes, and drop it in any Canada Post mail box or at any postal outlet. From this data, we produce and send to you your quarterly financial statements, detailing information such as income and expenses per month, cash flow per month, cost-per-mile and comparative reports. These reports highlight trends and provide you with tax planning options.

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