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Road ComplianceWelcome to HOS Auditing Inc.

Commercial Driver Logbook Compliance Auditing

HOS Auditing Inc. can provide you a one-stop-shop for all of your Logbook Auditing and Safety Compliance needs.

Services Available


Your Benefits

Audit Types

HOS - Hours of Service
Have your drivers complied with all of the CDN and US hours of service rules - Driving, On-Duty, Shift length, Cycle, Mandatory Rest, etc.?
Have your drivers falsified their logbooks?
Form and Manner
Have your drivers completed their logbooks correctly eg. Signature, mileage, duty status changes, etc.?
Missing Logbooks
Have your drivers turned in all of their required logbooks?
Are your drivers exceeding the speed limit on a daily basis?

Management Reports

Notification Letters
Let your drivers see where they had infractions and congratulate them when they are violation free.
Violation Summaries
Find out where individual drivers, or your company as a whole is having problems.
Violation Lists
See details of each type of violation by driver.
Late & Missing Logs
Know which drivers submitted logs late or the days for which logs have not been submitted.
See what your drivers usage patterns had been in the past.
And Much More...
Consider the following:

Are you tired of the burdensome and complicated process of monitoring your driver's logbook compliance? Are you tired of trying to keep up with all the rule changes? Are you short on staff and management time to perform the necessary monitoring and training you know needs to be done? Are you properly monitoring all your drivers for hours of service compliance and falsification as required by law? Are you effectively spending your resources to monitor and train your drivers? Would you like electronic access to driver's logbooks for quick reference and the online tools to make your job easier?

HOS Auditing Inc. has the answers. Our end-to-end solutions of logbook compliance auditing, electronic document management and safety and compliance services will help your organization meet and exceed the legislated requirements. Furthermore, with our web interface and extensive reports, your safety personnel will have access to the tools and information they need to make their job easier.

Safety & Compliance Services

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© TFS Group. All rights reserved.