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TFS, COVID-19 and your tax filing

[Last updated: March 26]
COVID-19 Policies:

We know that the impact of Covid-19 is top of mind, and we want you to know that we are taking the situation very seriously. In order to ensure that your services with us remain unaffected and to help ensure our staff are safe and do not become sick, please note the following:

  1. Effective immediately no face-to-face customer meetings are allowed. Do not drive here with your tax data expecting to sit down with your accountant. If you need to speak to us please call or use email.
  2. Our front door is now locked. This will limit the number of people in the building. If you bring your tax and accounting data to us, you will have to put it in the locked mailbox by the front walk way or leave it on the table in our vestibule at the front entrance.
  3. We will not be opening any mail for 5 days after arrival to our offices. This quarantined period has been recommended to ensure the virus is not active when we handle documents.
  4. Most of our staff are working from home. They have access to email (this is the preferred method of communication) and can listen to voice mail and will return phone calls if necessary.

These are very important details given that we are in tax season. In the short term, it may take a little longer to get your tax return done. In the longer term, this means all tax and accounting data must be received by us no later than Friday April 17th. After that date, we cannot ensure your mail is virus free and still have time to work on it.

Please note that you can also scan and email your tax data to us. Do not send pictures from your cell phones! Scans only accepted. You can scan your T slips, RRSP, childcare and property tax receipts. In addition, you can add up your medical and donation receipts and just email us the totals to show on your tax return.

We hope you understand why we have taken these steps and that you and your family remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented times.

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